Saturday, March 26, 2011

Need for cash...And winning

So first off, I went with my mom (gasp!) to the LMFA 51st student show and somehow managed to get Honorable Mention for the oil painting that I did of my little brother and I! My mom has yet to upload the picture of me standing happily beside my piece yet, so I don't have a picture of my win :(

Anyways, it was the usual. A random piece won, and I began to seriously question what "fine art" really was.

But yeah. I reaaaaaaally am itching for a job. My dad wants me to stay focused on school and all my extracurriculars but that still doesn't solve my cash flow issue. In order for the world to function people need money. In short, I can't get a job until I go to college.

In order to slowly assimilate me into adulthood my parents have kind of stopped buying me clothes, meaning that the clothes that I bought on my recent trip to Shreveport came out of my dwindling coffers... I'm seriously having buyer's remorse and I'm contemplating on whether or not I want to return everything and get my cash back... But I really need spring/summer clothes... Ugh. I'll sleep on it.

Also, my parents are cutting all funds that aren't a necessity for me. Yeah, I don't think I'm going on any school trips beyond the ILPC Journalism conference in Austin. Not that I really need to go on these trips, it just sucks. I get why they're doing it though, I mean, eventually I'm going to need to become financially independent, but I think I need a job too if I'm going to be paying for my own stuff from now on.

So it goes. I'll think of some way to drum up some money.


  1. Wait, so if your parents aren't going to give you any money but they won't let you get a job cause you need to focus on school and such, how are you supposed to get any money to do anything? Perhaps you can get a summer job somewhere and start saving up? I'm glad my parents haven't started doing that yet, cause I'm kind of dreading the day... :P

  2. I know! I need a job too! I can't wait for Austin!!! And...

    WAY TO GO!!!! I loved your painting!!!


  3. I would get a job besides babysitting if I could actually drive.

    I definitely understand the need for cash as I too have had to be financially independent!

  4. @Natalie It's exactly how it sounds. I think the point is that I would learn to value things like spending time with my friends and stuff, not that I'm able to do a lot of that anyways.

    @Aria Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

    @Lizzie I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to be financially independent! All of my friends' parents give them money left and right for doing virtually nothing, and I always feel a bit off-putted.

  5. Oh gosh, art is too gosh darn subjective sometimes. That is what's so disheartening about it. I could tell you so much about all the B.S. that happens in art school but it's way too much for me to think about right now. Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS! <3

    Being financially independent is an incredibly satisfying thing, I'm sure you can work your way around your parents to find a job. You seem like a suparespectable, supaclassy, supafly, suparesponsible, supasupa lady!

  6. When I got my job my parents made me starting buying everything! I thought it was gonna be easy to save money, but it's hard when you want to go every where and buy everything:/

  7. Shreveport? all of my friends were so temptingly close to me just recently--i could have crashed ALL of your parties! buyers' remorse/regret is something else. it has never really gone away with me. some people *my dad, cough, dad* just are never comfortable spending money. it's a phenomenon you learn to mold in time, while looking back at a bunch of receipts.