Thursday, March 3, 2011

My teachers will hate me tomorrow

....because I'm going to be gone most of the period for club pictures.

After looking at the schedule I realized that I'm going to be in 9 (!) club pictures for the yearbook. First through fourth period happens to be when most of the pictures are scheduled and it just so happens that I have pictures in each period :/

Yeah. I don't know how this is going to go down. Normally this wouldn't matter, but since tomorrow is a half day all of my classes are cut in half.

And then I have a speech competition Saturday, which I'm under prepared for, but that's ok. I'll get through it. I'm so used to public speaking it oozes from my pores.


  1. ZOMG!!! Thanks for reminding me!!! I totally forgot!!! Haha.

  2. YAY for being in way too many clubs :) haha, that's how I am too. Hey do you have a culture fair for your clubs at your school to?

  3. this is the FIFTH time that i've attempted to make this very comment due to my misfiring wireless connection at my desktop in my room.

    BUT your pretty dollface filling the yearbook is only fitting. i vote for the installation as YOU (wearing a wonder Woman costume) as the school's new mascot, because you pretty much are already taking up and conquering very big things! *high-five from cherry*

    and if your public speaking skills resemble anything of your prowess and knack for having an allure and way of entertaining and snaring attentions--then we ALL agree and can vouch that you'll do just fine. it's like saying that my socks are mismatched about 80 percent of the time--good, ole common knowledge ;-) knock 'em dead, Liz! and brag about it!

  4. It still amazes me that you are in so many clubs and everything... Yay for extracurricular activities haha! Good luck on your speech competition, though I'm pretty sure you don't need it cause you will totally blow the competition out of the water. :D

  5. Haha thanks guys! And no, sadly Em my school does not have a culture fair :/