Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I'm Happy About

So lately I've been caught up in this miasma of self doubt and pity, and I'm tired of it. I mean, I'm young, able bodied, and not Justin Beiber... I should count my blessings! So for posterity, here's a list of the top ten things that make me happy right now.

1. My blogger friends! (Cherry, Aria, Natalie, Em, K.P., and everyone else!)
2. Mumford and Sons
3. Korean Dramas
4. Spring Break
5. Left over valentine's day candy
6. Being finished with all of my yearbook pages
7. The Great Gatsby (despite all of the mishaps in the book, it's a pretty decent read)
8. My grandma going back to her house after spending 2 weeks recovering from eye surgery at my house
9. My somewhat dumb puppy that growls at himself in the mirror
10. My figment short that I wrote for a steampunk contest. It had to be 750 words or less, and I managed to make it EXACTLY 750 words. Now I will shamelessly plug it and ask for you to "heart" it. Winner gets a free nook.


  1. Gah! You are too awesome for writing steampunk fiction. Insta-heart! The Great Gatsy makes me insanely depressed despite being such a good book. My dog barked at himself in the mirror too before he realized it was just...himself. Also you need to recommend me some good K-Dramas. I need them in my life.

    Waves of love to ya grrrl!

  2. YES! i got the first place in the list of your buddies! hah! oh, i just adore being silly for no reason! and i am QUITE intrigued at this engaging writing platform and community that you are using... hmm, i might have to test drive it out. and the sample of your fiction reads like something from the back flap of a classic fiction novel along the lines of those by Tolstoy or Dickens. i WOULD say that i'm impressed, but i really have learned to expect nothing less from YOU! ah, and what is it that Daisy Buchanan (might have) said in Gatsby? that the best thing for a woman in this world to be is a beautiful, little fool? that's DEFINITELY not what you are. i want a free signed copy when you are published. seriously though.

  3. 1) Yaaaaay for blogger friends! :) Hehe, that makes me feel special. 2) Mumford & Sons definitely adds some wonderfulness to any day. 5) Wait, you have Valentine's Day candy left? What is wrong with you! Haha, I ate all mine in like... one day. ;D 8) That is good news that your grandma is recovering well! 9) I remember when my dog was a puppy and she didn't understand the concept of walking down stairs... it was pathetic yet adorable. And 10) I shall definitely vote for you.

    Hurrah for happiness! :D

  4. Number one is my favorite :) I will also heart 310 and your puppy sounds so cute!

    I love Mumford and Sons and am currently reading the Great Gatsby. How far into are you? Or did you finish?

  5. @cherry
    Egads! Was that Daisy woman not the most selfish, fickle, and obnoxious woman?!

  6. @K.P.
    YEAH she was! and she obviously didn't have any of the quality that our friend B. S. has. aren't we all just so lucky to each be such the amazing and dear women that we are? smarts, beauty, qualities, talent, opportunity, hobbies, activity, life, love, admiration... i could go on, but i don't want to make people jealous of us.