Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why haven't I exploded yet?

With everything going on I'm still in shock that my head hasn't popped off.

It just dawned on me how busy next year is going to be.

I'll be a senior, hopefully class vice-president, definitely yearbook editor, I'll be putting together a 24 piece portfolio for art, and I'll be a member of at least 10 clubs.

I'm thinking that I might need to cut back a little. <- talk about an understatement!

Not to mention I'll be busy keeping my GPA up and trying to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible.

Is anyone else a little scared about the future?


  1. Oh my gosh. You are insane! Your extracurricular activities list is very impressive, put it that way haha. :D For me, track/cross country takes up so much that I barely have time for the school literary magazine and NHS. :P But yes, I am definitely scared about the future. I mean, we're pretty much making decisions that are going to change the rest of our lives. TALK ABOUT PRESSURE!

  2. Yeah, I'm terrified of my future too. Knowing me and my luck I'll end up working at McDonald's for min. wage.

  3. The future both frightens and intrigues me. !!!

  4. i've been there, in quite a similar place--and i don't mean to brag: cheer captain, newspaper layout editor, honors society, top ten, full time job at Hooters, intern at the local nonprofit newspaper, applying to universities, taking exams, keeping my GPA up way high to remain among the Top Ten (which i did)....

    i feel you. it's truly a rush. and one that you are very capable of contending with successfully. if it were not so, it would not all have come upon you so. just keep your head up and limit your complaining. feel VERY proud of yourself. envision yourself accepted into your first pick in university!... high school seniors all over the country must all endure this unfair and impractical frantic time that i called "Hell." just avoid the temptations of "Senioritis" (which i had some case of. and remember the light at the tunnel! you only get to experience this special, transitional time once in your life! fill it with memories and crazy pictures! and let's not forget that second semester of senior year really has no reason for existing, and a majority of your efforts during this time quite literally don't matter and mean nothing (because the bulk of your university planning and preparing will have been either completed, or very well on its way to being so--at least that's how it was for me and many others during that time. either way--i'm ALWAYS so proud of you, i've been your internet girlfriend for a while now; have been with you and followed the commentary of your antics and affairs, and i can hardly believe that you're becoming quite this phenomenal college-bound lady so soon! LIZ for President--of the World.

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  6. Lizzi!
    Talk about same feelings!
    Trying to figure out how to make Z-Club as entertaining as possible and to keep people in as president, not getting soooo behind with the yearbook like this year future co-editor;), getting GPA up way higher than it is now, and getting into clubs that I should already be in.
    I just want to skip all of this and start my career!

  7. @Cherry I love you. You've always known the right things to say to keep me encouraged throughout everything! I feel so comfortable listening to you because I know you've been there and you can give me insight into my future.

    @Ashley I so feel you!

  8. AWWW! you just made me melt! i love you back, you radiant thing! and it's a true pleasure of MINE--to be in your corner rooting for your triumphs, and cheering you on with only my most genuine and warm offerings of encouragement, wise words, joy for your good fortune, well wishes, comfort, reassurance, wit, and plenty of my sarcastic commentary when you need it. it's been such a joy being here and uplifting you throughout it all, and i smile so often because you truly remind me so much of myself only a few years ago! you are WELCOME, my doll! just keep pressing forwards and being the lady that we all cannot help but be impressed by, proud of, and certain of in the ways successes and victory! just keep creating good news and making those progressive moves that are so characteristic of you. just keep making us proud (and be happy)!