Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to the real world

There are so many sinister thoughts running through my head right now that are being directed towards my grandmother.... Why?
She, much like the villans in most Disney movies, has commandeered the source of my happiness (aka spring break) and turned it sour. My sister, stepmom and I are having to clean her house top to bottom Cinderella style, including the front and back yards.
Yesterday as soon as we unloaded our car from the 2 hour drive from our house she set my sister and I to work hauling firewood. I counted how much wood we had to haul.

657 PEICES OF DAMN WOOD(each weighing about 5lbs each).
And she forgot to mention that she had gloves for us until we were almost done. Needless to say my hands are covered with splinters. The entire time I was trying to cheer my sister (and myself too) up by telling her knock knock jokes that I made up on the spot. Here's my favorite:
Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Ke$ha ate.
Ke$ha ate who?
Ke$ha ate Justin Beiber with a fork and knife.
Originally she was just having us clean the inside of her house, but yeah. That didn't happen. My dad was pissed when he found out we were doing yardwork, and drew the line when it came to mowing the lawn. Have I mentioned how much I love my dad?
We're cleaning approx. 5 rooms, plus two bathrooms. I'm excited. Thankfully my sister and I already knocked out ALL the yardwork, and two of the easy rooms.
Anyways, I have to get back to work... :(
Hopefully it'll all be over soon.

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