Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winning, tips, and physics

So yesterday at my tournament I managed to place first in my event, which was persuasive speaking! Hooray!

And my dad, who does this thing called Toastmasters also placed first in his event!

I come from a family of winners. And Jews. Oh yeah, and head-hunting native Filipinos.

Another highlight of my weekend was volunteering at a charity antique show. And no, it wasn't because of the warm fuzzy feeling that I get from helping out my community, it was because I got tips for waiting on tables at the event. YEAH! Cash! Sadly, I only got single bills, so I left the place feeling a little cheap and slightly dirty because some jerk off spilled their sweet tea on my arm.

It was my first experience being a waitress so I can now understand how waitstaff are so easily frazzled. Goodness, it was tough.

Then around 5pm I went to a physics study session that my teacher was having. I know what you guys are thinking, who in their right mind would willingly go up to the school on a Sunday night to do physics?!

Well I would. Mainly because I really needed to review before the test. I REALLY NEEDED TO. It was pretty fun though. We had snacks and drinks and we pretty much worked out problems while jamming out to Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj. My friend Kenneth owns both of the aforementioned artists' cds and knows the lyrics to most of their songs... If only he was a lumberjack and 5'11---- we'd be soulmates. JUST KIDDING.

Oh man! I just realized that it's 8:05 and Happy Thoughts is on Comedy Central right now!

Hasta Luego!

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  1. your first waitressing experience! WELCOME TO MY WORLD! tea spilled on you and shitty tips? try being cursed out by an impatient woman (and then cursing back at her and suggesting that she "go the fuck back home to the barn she lives at with her 20 kids and cook something" her damned self, AND having some guy "tip" you with a note written on a napkin that only reads: "let me bite your ass!"

    anyways: ALWAYS so proud of you, which is needless to say, really! you are totally doing the Wonder Woman thing, and you inspire me to be an even more dynamic woman! if i still used MySpace, i would totally list you as one of my "heroes."