Monday, March 21, 2011

Engrish Fortune

I know right? What on earth does "All thing has a cause. Look into your pass for aswer" mean?
I guess that's what I get for ordering out cheap chinese takeout from a place called Magic China.
Anyways, life has returned back to normal. School flew by, I made decent grades, I got a letter from Rutgers asking me to call up their offices about enrollment, and I bought a new set of art pens.
Oh yes, and I've been watching this:

Anything new with you guys?


  1. I love Magic China!!! To bad fortune cookies don't have grammer Nazis working for them, they could use it.

    Oh, and

    "He saw the typo!!"

    "NO HE DIDN'T!!!!!!!"

  2. I'd like to say I bet that fortune has a super intelligent underlying message! Maybe you have a long lost sibling or something!!!


  3. HAHA, what an insightful fortune! Looks like someone used Google translate rather ineffectively... ;) But OMG, THE CREEP. Now it's stuck in my head again. I love it.

  4. My boyfriend just shaved his beard into a John Waters pencil mustache today and he is wearing a suit. Gah.

  5. The Creep is quite possibly the most magnificent thing The Lonely Island has ever produced. Absolutely hilarious.

    Interesting fortune. I once got one that read, "You will be the president of a small country."

  6. @Aria Me too!

    @Em I hope not... I already have 3 younger siblings. One more would just be too much!

    @Natalie The Creep is so catchy! :)

    @K.P. That is epic! Yet, I would be somewhat creeped out if I saw him IRL.

    @Christopher I want to marry all the men of The Lonely Island. Or probably just Andy.