Monday, January 31, 2011

Wop Wop Wop Wop

So today I had a raging migraine, but since my school is occupied by pill nazis there was absolutely no way I could take ANY advil. FML.

Once I got home I took some meds, and now I'm a ok.

Anyways, my AcaDec team is currently obsessed with this dance fad called the wop, or wopping.

You just have to see it to even understand.

But yeah. For some reason I've been listening to a lot of 'trashy' rap and Ke$ha. I mean, have you heard her song Cannibal? No? Well I've been listening to it on repeat while studying for my Physics and APUSH tests on Wednesday....

What is wrong with me?

Besides that, nothing much is going on with me. I've decided to NOT give into teacher pressure (which is arguably worse than peer pressure) and I'm not doing LD debate this year, but I will do Extemp speaking. With my editor position next year, AcaDec, Z-Club, and Art Club I decided that I need to cut down on all the things that I'm doing--- ergo since the school doesn't care about LD debate then neither do I.
Oh yeah, I'm in the market for a new book to read and I'm open to suggestions! I've already read a lot of Vizzini, Flinn, Napoli, Bradbury, Rand, Palahniuk, and Vonnegut to name a few....


  1. Lizzi, I would pay major money to see you do that dance. I will even join you in it!

    Oh, and is "Foxy" From your last post who I think it is?

  2. @Aria I'm trying to learn it right now! And yes, he is EXACTLY who you think he is.

  3. I have never heard of the wop before now. I remember when the Soulja Boy dance was all the rage back in 2008. Wow, I love how I said "back in 2008", as if it was such a long a time ago.

    No, I had never heard Ke$ha's song, Cannibal, but I opened up a new tab and searched it on the Tube. I had to stop at :33. I was literally shaking my head. It's not bad because her beats are always catchy to the point of mind control, but really? Cannibalism?
    It's a terrible message to send to the kiddos, haha.

    As for books, have you ever read Pendragon by D.J. MacHale?

    RE: Yes, Vesuvius is still my favorite on Age of Adz. I was just trying to branch out, so to speak. :)

    Good luck on sticking with running! I know I just negated any good workout I had today by eating a cookie, hershey's drops and a rice krispie treat.

  4. Ah dance fads. The Wop totally looks rad and doable. I remember I could do the Stanky Leg and I'm particularly horrible at dancing.

  5. The wop looks awesome!!!! Hmmm book suggestions...well JD Salinger always has some good books and I've recently gotten into Truman Capote. That's a hard one, this sounds dumb but as a kid I read a lot of A Series of Unfortunate Events and recently wanted to re-read them again. Those are truly great for reading and re-reading...mainly I think because all ages can enjoy them.

    I laughed at the pill nazis thing. Hope you feel better!

  6. Oh my god. WOPPING. What the heck kind of name even is that? I have to admit it's incredibly hilarious to watch, and the mental image of myself attempting to actually perform this dance is even more incredibly hilarious. But, hey, sometimes you just have to listen to crappy music! Nothing wrong with that, haha. :D

    And I shall recommend Jonathan Safran Foer and Markus Zusak.

  7. Oh and also if you would like to see Mix Tape's first ever interview you can click here :

    it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself :)