Saturday, January 15, 2011

Off to Olivanders!


Since I'm going to be a senior next year and whatnot, my grandparents decided to surprise me the other day with the news that this July I'll be going to THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!

It's my senior/birthday gift, and I'll be staying about 4 days at the park, but I'll probably be on the road making stops and such for about 10 days. Driving from Texas to Florida will be... not as bad as driving from Texas to Las Vegas.

Anyways, I'm excited because on our way there we're going to be stopping at Paula Dean's restaurant and various historical sites and kitschy locations!

Now all I have to do is try to stay sane waiting for July to roll around.


  1. I'm sooo happy for you!!!! It's only 18 hours to Orlando... You can do it!!!!


    I think this would be the perfect opportunity for us to meet. :D

  3. AHHHHH THAT IS AMAZING! :D And I think the whole road trip there stopping in a bunch of awesome places will be so much fun too! I mean, that's pretty much exactly what I want to do with my friends at some point during the summer. But really, that is freaking fantastic!

  4. awesome! i feel even more excited than you right now! my nerves are all jumpy and i can't contain them... i'll have to force myself to sit still and to not bounce around as i wait for you to go on your awesome adventure. and i ALWAYS very nearly "demand" any adventuring friend of mine to take a bunch of pretty photos to share with me once they return. so, so, so happy for you! you're going to be a senior citizen soon! have you looked into becoming a member of the AARP yet? haha--it was a joke that was going around when i was your age in high school. aww, i've gone and made myself feel old again. what colleges/universities are your favorites?

  5. @Lizzie YES. We should totally meet up!

    @Cherry I along with my sister will take so many pictures it'll be like you're there. I promise! As far as colleges/universities go I'm seriously considering Texas Tech, and LSU. However, as I'm sure you know that could probably change within a few months.