Sunday, January 23, 2011

This weekend

Recently my school's Drill Team went to Disney World. Most of them got these really cool hair wraps that stay in for up to 2 months, but cost an arm and perhaps a leg. No really, it's $1.50 and inch, and if you want special beads the price goes up. Anyways, knowing that I was all sorts of crafty and artistic, one of the girls asked if I could wrap hair. Curious, I went online and read a few articles and watched a few YouTube videos on it. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to wrapping hair.

It's not the best, but it's my first attempt. Anyways, my dad got some new ink for my printer and in the package came these two mail-in recycle baggies. All you have to do is put your old electronics like cell phones and whatnot and just put it in the mail. If more places made recycling this easy then more people would do it...

And, I've been listening to Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds all weekend. I'm pretty sure my sister is sick of it by now, but oh well.


  1. That looks like a pretty good first attempt to me! Do mine? ;D But really, that's crazy that it costs $1.50 per inch.. talk about a rip off! And that electronics recycling thing is great, too. Yay for helping the environment!

  2. hey, thats pretty awesome! Even though it was your first attempt it wasnt so bad, :) if thats the worst you can do, then I think you pretty good! and about annoying your sister with music, dont worry about it, im pretty sure when siblings are born there is an automatic annoyance claus. :)

  3. That's a song I will have to look up!

    Hair wrapping sounds like a fun craft to learn. Have a great school week if that's possible!

  4. @Natalie I would if I could! Us bloggers should have a giant slumber party one day so we can eat snacks and braid each other's hair and whatnot.

  5. I love how the Drill Team went to Disney World and they come back with overpriced hair wraps. Can you not get those anywhere? For cheaper? haha.

    Recycling, FTW!