Monday, January 24, 2011


Do you ever feel so overcome with anger that you have the urge to punch the nearest object to planet Gliese 581 C?
Yes, No, Maybe so?
Lately I've been getting upset at things, but since I'm me and you're you I tend to bottle things up until I EXPLODE. Anyways, I almost exploded all over some random kid at school today.
I need some counseling... or perhaps a nice strapping lad to be my punching bag. Oh wait.
On the bright side today my friend Taylor lent me this movie to watch called Gentlemen Broncos. The director also directed Napoleon Dynamite, and it has Jemaine Clement of the band Flight of the Concords in it. I don't know, if you like weird indie-ish movies with awkward teen home schooled boys then I think you'll like the movie.
Here's the trailer for it.


  1. The trailer gives me a lady boner.

  2. I tend to be a bottler, too. I bottle up all of my anger and frustration and sadness until I'm on the verge of going absolutely crazy. So I can relate.

    I can't see the trailer cause I'm at school and it's blocked, buuut if it's by the same director as Napoleon Dynamite, it probably has some potential!

  3. Oh my, lol, I kinda want to see this movie, it looks like the perfect stress reliever. :D

  4. I must disagree, I tend to let my emotions out. At one point I used to bottle it all up and unleash it unexpectedly on friends. I think it was my friend Ethan that "changed my ways" so to speak. We had such an open policy when it came to talking about anything and everything that I've sort of just carried it on to future guy friends and girl friends alike.

    Anyway, that movie does seem funny.

  5. Don't worry, I do that too or well...sometimes...haha I do stress over the smallest things though. One night my internet crashed and I was freaking out over not getting to read one small email.

    Anyway, that's a pretty amazing looking movie :)