Monday, January 17, 2011

Like the inside me

So I recently visited Em's blog and found a video of this wonderful asian named Luan. I swear guys, this person is like the voice in my head. No really, in my head I talk like a gay Vietnamese man-boy from Houston. For Realz.

Anyways, today my family went to visit my grandparents and on our way to their house I saw this random lady in her 60s driving AND plucking her chin hair with giant tweezers. At first I thought the drive thru employees at McDonald's slipped something in my iced frappe, but my everyone else in the car noticed too.
She was in the lane next to us, and I almost had a panic moment because every time she plucked a hair out her car would swerve ever so slightly near us. Then again, maybe she had some hot bingo date at the senior center and needed to do some lady-scaping, but ran out of time because she was eating out at Denny's with the ladies and forgot to set the alarm on her jitterbug for her to leave early....
Or maybe she was just a vain senile senior citizen.
You never know.
On a more relevant note, school starts back up tomorrow and I can't remember if I had any homework assigned to be over the 4 day weekend.... Ooops.


  1. BOOO SCHOOL!!! I would be so freaked out if I was in your car situation but I do like your funny take on it.

    Luan is funny right? Haha, I've been slacking around all weekend watching all his videos. He is hilarious.

  2. Oh my god. Chin hair. I can't even... igosigldsfgdf. That just gives me the creeps. Then for some reason I was picturing the Chin Hair Lady serving you an iced frappe with chin hair floating in it and euuughhh why imagination, why?!

    I don't want to wake up for school in less than 6 hours. I really don't. Yet somehow I managed to not prepare for this history essay until now. D'oh.

  3. Haha, I'm not sure what I would've done in that situation.

    And I'm sorry you have to go back to school now. So do I, but I'm so busy with other extra curricular activities that I won't be in full classes except for Thursday. I'm not really complaining? Granted, instead of doing classwork I'm monitoring 8th graders as they do a lab involving Bunsen burners. I think I may have to blog about it.

    Take care. :)