Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freshly Squeezed

So, this time last year I was freaking out about AcaDec regionals, but this year I'm just like... eh. The team isn't as prepared as I would like us to be, jeez I'M not as prepared as I would like to be so I don't really know how I feel about competition.

Aside from AcaDec things have been pretty weird. One of my closest guy friends has become distant and weird. Things just aren't gelling the way they used to, the jokes have run dry and we don't have that much in common anymore. It sucks.

Oh well. On the bright side today the Yearbook sponsor (head honcho person) told me that they wanted me to one of the head editors for next year(!). She said that my friend Ashley and I would be good for the job, especially since we get along and we're friends. It's a big responsibility, but I think I can handle it :)

As for the title of this post (I almost typed toast) I've been really into FRESH juice. Like, taking a grapefruit and squeezing its life into a glass... yummy yum yum yum. In fact, I'm drinking some fresh grapefruit juice right now! Er, never mind I just finished the glass...

Anyways, is anyone else feeling a little on the fence? Not happy, not upset... just in between?


  1. Good Luck with Acadec!!! I know what you mean. I feel like a blob stuck in a rut. Something needs to happen. Something fun and good.

  2. Actually, yes I do feel that way right now. I think I'm just waiting for a response from someone though so I'm not sure.

    That juice sounds yummy! I hope things with your friend get better, but CONGRATS on the yearbook promotion (if that's what you can call it).

    By the way, The Fountainhead is the one I just started reading. It's great :)

  3. Congrats on the yearbook editor position! :D That's kind of really awesome. And good luck with the AcaDec competition, too! As for all that talk of toast and freshly squeezed juice is making me wish it wasn't midnight right now... I want some breakfast!

    And actually, I have definitely been floating in between happy & unhappy for a while now. It's not like I'm particularly sad or upset or anything, it's just that I have nothing fantastic to be particularly overjoyed about either. So it pretty much just leaves me... somewhat content? Yet still somewhat unfulfilled? Something like that.

  4. Freshly squeezes. Mmmm...

    What's AcaDec?

    That's weird about your guy friend. Maybe he's a robot alien. You might want to consider that.

  5. oh, just YES to that new position! you are always impressing me, and i guess it gives me an extra bit of pleasure because you so much remind me of myself in high school. and i'm jealous that you have started drinking fresh juices before me. they're SO amazingly good for you, and i've been meaning to give it a try. go YOU!