Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing well, at least so far.

By some sort of miracle I have managed to stay on top of all of my loads of homework. And that's impressive seeing as how my workload has increased by tenfold.

The power of positive thinking!

Anyways, even though I've got all my bases covered, there's still one issue I have with school: My back is spent. So spent in fact, I've already told my friends to start referring to me as Quasimodo. The hunchback of PT High School-dam. Except half asian, and a girl.

Anyone else having/had this issue? I feel like there is a small child attached to my back, and the grimaces I make as I walk across campus to my classes are not doing anything for me. At all.

It's gotten so bad that halfway to my classes I imagine myself apparrating or levitating to my next class. Maybe if I do it often enough it'll actually happen. The power of positive thinking? Where's my Hogwarts acceptance letter?! I'm quite sure my owl died trying to make that trans-Atlantic flight.

Ah well, there's no telling how many calories I burn walking to and from my classes carrying that heavy load. Bright side!

On the not-so bright side of things, I have a English paper due tomorrow (that I should be working on now) and I have about 25 "be" verbs to eradicate from it by tonight or else I'll make below an 80. The power of positive thinking! I can definitely maybe do this!

In all of my classes, even my maths class, I try my best to crack jokes and get everyone in the room to laugh. Call it a little goal of mine, I want my year to be as happy as possible. So far I'm doing pretty well, and I'm also making sure to crack jokes without taking away from class time that way the teachers don't be hatin' on me.

Errbody loves a comedian.

Anyways, I hope everyone else in school is doing well, and keeping their head above the rough and choppy waters known as the educational system! The power of positive thinking and whatnot! <- see that? I tried to have a theme.


  1. Oh gosh, luckily my backpack isn't extremely heavy, but I definitely feel your pain. Lugging 43943243039 pounds of WORK around on your back cannot be fun.

    Positive thinking is definitely a powerful tool! I think it's helped to get me through these first days/week of school, too. Hopefully it can help me read an entire 400 page book by tomorrow... :D

  2. Definite kudos to you and your positive thinking!