Thursday, August 26, 2010

Physics: for once, something I can be artistic in!

Ok, so I've only been to two classes, and I have been assigned 36 extensive homework problems in Physics, but I really love the class.
Now, once the math starts I'm sure I'll hate it, but for now I'm really diggin it. Our notes are demanded to be as creative as possible, and patterns and doodling are encouraged! My Physics teacher who I've dubbed Special K is by far the best EVER. For now.

Speaking of people who are the best ever (for now) the new new debate coach is pretty rad. And my friends are doing they're best to convince me that he's just SO cute, but I refuse to admit that. Doing so would just be.... morally wrong. He's my somewhat coach. Wrong. Here's the picture that my school's website has up.

Dear Higher Power,

Please help me focus on dominating the competition via my words. Also, help me not be distracted by my coach's disastrously...... horrendous appearance. Oh yeah, and please please please send a nice respectable single boy that is my age to my area as soon as possible if you could please.

Did I say please yet? No? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I would even date a guido at this point.


  1. he-LLO! I would debate with that coach aaaaall day/night. Haha.

    Sorry. Not helping. I mean.. he's hideous.

  2. Um, yeah, the new debate coach is totally unattractive. Completely. Not cute at all. You know. Cause that would just be. No. Uh-huh. Cough.

    Anyways. My physics class has been laughably easy so far. I'm sure it'll get worse soon enough though :P

  3. OMG!!!! I cannot believe you posted a picture of HIM!