Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crazy people and getting older.

Last night I went for a short time to my public library's annual teen lock in. For some reason I remember it being more fun, but that was probably when I was 13, and thrilled by the idea of snooping around in a dark library.

In fact, my friend Rebekka and I actually thought of the idea to have it.

Anyways we could only stay till midnight due to my baby brother's birthday party the following day. Sad to say, I was actually glad I had to leave early.

The crowd had really changed. Plus, I'm now 16 and I had changed. Needless to say I played a few rounds of hide and go seek, grew tired, and hung out in the room with all the snacks and just talked with Rebekka. Girl talk. The good stuff.

Not that I didn't like the other girls, but there was a lot of screaming, a lot of unnecessary loudness, and a lot of HOT VAMP TALK. And I just stood there either cringing, or shaking my head in silent disagreement of who their fantasy vampire boyfriend would be.

LESTAT FTW! Oh wait. You guys only read about vampires that sparkle. And the ones that don't eat humans.....

Did I mention the screaming? There was a lot. So much I have decided that if any girl screams really loud in my vicinity (for no reason whatsoever) I will take a squirt bottle and squirt uncontrollably until they shuts up. Now I realize the water will only make them scream more, but that's why I plan on carrying a GIANT bottle wherever I go. Who knows, maybe they might even melt.

Oh, and when they furiously ask me what gives me the right to drench them in water without them being at a wet T-shirt contest I will merely point to my ears from which, quite conveniently, a pair of earrings will say "No Trespassing."

A great solution to those with sensitive ear canals, or perhaps those who would like to retain as much of their hearing as possible as they enter their 60's.

And of course there was Crazy L. And yes, she is genuinely crazy. She even looks crazy with her wild eyes, and hair everywhere. Some of the other girls had called dibs on the intercom system and where playing Taylor Swift songs and various other pop songs and she was really perturbed about it. She came to Rebekka and I complaining about how they wouldn't play any of her music and stuff and I was just like, OK. One, I'm sure if you ASKED they'd be willing to work with you. TWO, keep in mind this is a library full of TEENAGE GIRLS. There will be some Taylor Swift, quite possibly some Disney songs, so just accept that.

And she went off on this rant about how Taylor Swift gives her headaches (which is total BS because you have to be Satan to COMPLETELY hate every aspect of Taylor Swift), and how the other girls were wanting to play some of her non-radio edit music (which means they were willing to work with her to a point) and such. Her pointless complaints and frustration started to grate on me after a while. What was I going to do about it? My philosophy is, if there's a problem, DEAL with it or FIX it.

I got fed up after a while, made some remarks that implied I didn't want an invitation to her pity party, changed the subject and ran off. Apparently I wasn't the only one to get fed up because this other girl Sid, who I thought was realllly good friends with Crazy L told her to shut up, which made Crazy L burst into tears. If I cried every single time someone told me to shut up I'd be able to turn the Grand Canyon into the world's largest salt water swimming hole.

Needless to say Crazy L's performance for the three hours I was there at the lock in made me feel bad for her. I have now sworn to never let my kids be home schooled, deprived of Disney, or so socially inept the littlest things will get them worked up. Poor Crazy L. Almost 18, but still possessing a middle school mindset.

Ah well next year I might not go to the lock in. Maybe I am indeed becoming to old.


  1. Haha, I can't imagine actually being locked in with that kind of insanity for an entire night! I'd probably be ready to flip out after being subjected to that much screaming/drama/crazyness. And oh my, the whole Crazy L thing... I'll never let my kids be Disney deprived either!

  2. I have the same problems with lock ins now, I used to really like them and now they're just so-so. Especially in college when they're just excuses to fornicate.

    Edward lost his sparkle somewhere between the Twilight movie and Breaking Dawn. Haven't read those books since. Anne Rice pwns.

  3. You never know what little kindness will keep a person from going over the edge, especially a person deprived of Disney. This doesn't mean that you yourself must wimp out. Great description of that giant leap from 13 to 16!

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