Thursday, August 19, 2010

Irrational fears.

Today I went to meet the teacher day and it was ok.... I ran into some friends, joked about, visited teachers, the usual. I met my AP Physics teacher and he nearly broke my hand, and I thoroughly made an idiot out of myself multiple occasions, but it's all cool. I also talked a bit with my AP Art teacher, who told me that all of her students are mixed up into different classes regardless of being in regular or advance art... fun fun. Aaaaand I talked to the new, new debate coach who is so young I might have seen him at an Andrew Bird concert, with the other cool college kids sippin' on some frappes or whatever the heck college people drink. SOBE lifewater? I don't know. And I'm just assuming that he does indeed listen to cool indie music. He could be a lacrosse player that listens to new age electronica for all I know.

Anyways, he seems pretty cool about me participating in debate despite not being in his class... We'll just have to see how the year goes on. I have high hopes. Lots of optimism too, for once.

I'm not looking forward to the first day because, well, it's this upcoming Monday, and they're going to process EVERYONE that day. Now, I may not have a super large school, but my High School alone has about 1,500 kids enrolled so it's going to be a pain to have to wait in a long line to get my i.d. and whatnot the first day. Also, they're not passing out books till the first day which means my back is going to die around 5th period, but hey, who needs the use of their back anyways?

Not to mention this weekend is going to be spent moving the big furniture into our new house, and getting settled in. We're having to put off clothes shopping till September, but it's all cool because I got some clothes when I was in Vegas, so it's not such a big deal.

+.+ Sometimes I wish I could just fast forward to next week, when all the moving will be FINALLY done, and when I'll be settled into the swing of school and all the people and classes.

But since my life doesn't work like that I'll just rough it out and report back later.

And later being truly later because we're moving the computer to the new house tomorrow and the internet doesn't get set up till Monday. Poop.


  1. Why do they process all 1500 or so people on the same day? That does not seem to make much sense, haha. Well, good luck getting through moving, and the first few days of school. Ugh. I start the day after you... :P

  2. Wow AP Physics, that takes guts. I never took much Physics in high school and I was forced to take two semesters of Physics with Calc for my major and I wanted to shoot myself.

    My high school had like 350 kids, 1500 is crazy! I couldn't imagine fighting my way through the hallways with that many kids trying to get to class.

  3. Wow, I'm with Natalie. What's up with trying to get everyone processed within the same 24 hours? That's insane.

    Good luck with AP physics! You can do it! :)

    RE: Thanks! IGSCE (or pre-AICE) is essentially England's Cambridge University version of pre-AP or pre-IB. :)

    Leopold is a great name, indeed. I hope you do well with math and physics. Do not fear it!

    P.S. Thank you for always commenting on my blog! It makes me smile like so, :D