Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New house and such

So my parents actually did it!

This week has been super busy, and since I am indeed moving and whatnot it's prevented me from getting on the computer :/ I logged onto facebook today and saw that I had 54 notifications.....

Tomorrow I'm going to go with my stepmom and start cleaning our house and getting it ready for us to move into by next week. The weekend after that we'll be having a garage sale of all our unwanted goods that aren't moving with us to our new home. FUN FUN.

While I wanted to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World as soon as it came out, my plans will have to wait until my family is comfortably moved into our place. Now I have to start packing. MORE FUN!

And just for clarification, the first fun comment was indeed sarcastic, but the last one was genuine because I am a freak who does indeed take pleasure in packing. It's like a high for kids that have a fetish for packing material.


  1. oh wow, this all seems to be going so fast! whenever we moved it took like forever for everything to get going haha. but that's awesome :D best of luck with packing and the whole process and everything!