Friday, August 17, 2012


All I want to do is sleep.  For days.

After a week of going hard at the gym, I'm beyond exhausted.  My muscles are all ache-y and the urge to dose off is always there.

Plus, getting on Facebook and seeing all of my friends leaving for college has been a bit... surreal.  I actually looked at the calendar today and realized that if I was still going to college, today would have been my move-in date. I would be up in North Carolina, getting ready for my freshman year in college.

But instead I'm here. At home.  Waiting for a ship date so that at least I'll have something to tell people when they ask me when I'm leaving for basic training.  The in-between is unsettling.

I just want to go to bed and wake up ready to start something--- instead of feeling so stagnant. 


  1. I understand feeling stagnant completely. My best friend moved in today and my other closest friends go next week. I don't leave for another two weeks, and classes don't start for another three.

  2. Everyday you are getting stronger and fitter. : P

  3. Sometimes when you feel that exhausted, it is pointless to fight it, and you really do need to sleep.