Monday, August 20, 2012

After a weekend of wallowing in self pity, I'm starting to feel less bitter. I deleted a bunch of people off of Facebook, and I went from 454 friends to 397.

 I was going to delete more people, but then I realized that I could just hide them from my newsfeed. You never know when you're going to need to Facebook stalk old high school classmates for an ego boost. I did delete a lot of unnecessary people though, and by unnecessary, I mean unworthy of stalking.

 Anyway, I busied myself Sunday by working on various art projects which made me feel productive. I think a major reason why I felt the way I did is that I'm not busy. Seeing everyone else bustle about made me feel jealous.

 Although stressful, being busy and having almost no spare time makes me happy. I define myself by my actions, and if someone were to ask me about myself, I would simply explain myself through what I do. During the school year I was Art Club president, editor of the yearbook, in 6 AP classes, a volunteer, etc. Now? I work out, manage my dad's website and fix tech problems, and lazily create art.

 I end up with a lot of free time that I usually just spend reading random things or watching mindless television (i.e. re-runs of Chopped and Cupcake Wars). So yes. My game-plan is to keep myself occupied at all times with simple things like actually doing my laundry as soon as the basket fills up, and learning Hebrew.

 In other news, when I went to the grocery store this weekend I got a huge ass bottle of Louisiana hot sauce.
Seriously though.  That bottle is as big as my head.

I can't wait to smear it on every salty food item in my house. I love hot sauce.

The end.


  1. That is quite a big bottle of hot sauce. I wonder how long it's going to last you. It's good to keep yourself busy, just don't over do it and burn yourself out. Though if you managed all of that in school you should be fine. It's also worth keeping some old friends around so you can look at them and think "Hey, I'm not so bad". Though if you enjoy being depressed it's kind of sad to know there are people worse off than you.

  2. Hot sauce is so good for you. It kills a lot of bad bacteria. Thanks, 8th grade science project.

    I keep deleting people off my Facebook in waves. 346 is a good number, though.

    Stay awesome! :)

  3. Hot sauce is maaaad. Except here in Australia, what's labelled as 'hot' is hot for white people, but not for more cultured people like myself.

    Hot for us would kill most white peeps, a fact I love to rub into a lot of my mates.

    But the point still stands, hot sauce is just so awesome. It makes almost anything better.

    Oh, and 'Mild American Mustard'. Give that stuff a whirl, trust me.

  4. I loove stalking people who I was friends with in primary school. Especially their nerdy brothers who turned out HOT.

  5. yay for art projects! i wanna see what you've been creating : )

  6. Mmm, I love hot sauce! Cupcake wars is so funny, you shouldn't feel bad :) x

  7. Everyone is worth stalking in my opinion. You never know when someone might decide to do something stupid and then you have a goldmine of hilarity.

  8. Woah. That is a big bottle! I was at my friend's house and her mom cut up orange slices, put salt and hot sauce on them for me. It was actually pretty good! Love the blog layout. :)

  9. It should be "a major that" not "a major because". The latter is redundant.

  10. I remember, back in the day, my high school Calculus teacher said he liked to stay busy, because if he didn't stay busy he would start "thinking", ...and I guess that was a bad thing, because he made a strange face when he said it, like someone had stabbed him in the pancreas. I think I know what he meant though.