Sunday, August 12, 2012

Darn consumerism.

Guys, I have a serious problem.

Ok, so maybe it's not as serious as having a flesh-eating disease, but it's serious enough to make me stop and look myself in the mirror and say, "There must be a Ryan Gosling meme for this."

There wasn't, so I made one. And it's staying on my desktop to prevent me from changing my mind and buying those eyeliners.

What is wrong with me guys?  I'm notorious for being a jew and not buying things unless they're on sale, or a necessity.  And even then, I better have a damn coupon for that necessity, and it better be high quality.

But after playing a mere beauty game to find out what my emotional color reading was, I was t h i s close to spending 22.95 PER bottle of eyeliner. Here were my quiz results.

After reading the first one I was like, YES. I do indeed have control issues. Maybe I can cure my problems by controlling what goes on my face by buying that dark blue eyeliner. 

Then reading the second one I was like,  YES. You're right make-up website.  My subconscious does want success.  Maybe if I say yes to buying that silver shimmer eyeliner it'll be easier to obtain.

Oh my gosh. These guys at Lush really have me pinned down. I am quietly motivated.  I should keep steadfast and buy that bronze eyeliner.  I mean, these are all handmade, after all.

I was at the checkout page, ready to whip my debit card out.  The entire time I was thinking, "Well, I don't own that much make-up anyway... I might as well splurge and buy some.  The colors match my wardrobe, and I can wear it the next time I go out... And the website design is so witty and chic, I mean look at the fonts they chose! I love good typography... And the make-up is all handmade! I love buying handmade things!"

Then, right before entering my pin numbers I stopped.  WTF was I doing? Why the hell was I about to spend $70 on three bottles of eyeliner? What. Is. Going. On. I almost fell prey to perfectly packaged and marketed products, that's what's going on.

And that's when I realized that I had a problem and wrote this blog post.  I need to keep myself honest.  I still have no idea why I almost spent that much money on make-up, something that I care very little about.  I still have no idea why I sort of want to buy them...

But, I'm glad that I didn't.  That would be stupid. Right?



  1. mmmm I get that. now I'm interested in taking the test.

  2. I am still shocked that I managed to not buy a THING from Lush despite the number of times we went into that store... and I'm not even Jewish in the slightest. It's probably for the best that $23 was not spent on eyeliner though so I commend you.

  3. I think your title says it all. Plus the fact that it's there, waiting to be purchased (almost literally at our fingertips thanks to the Internet) at practically all times makes being a consumer so effortless so we do it more often.

    But kudos for not spending $22.95 on eyeliner. I think the most I've paid for a make-up item was $10 and that's good because I feel I am terrible at applying it.

    My dad can walk into a cheap thrift store and not buying anything. I tend to get my frugality from him.

    That said I went to Target and Kohl's this afternoon and it's so hard not to spend anything at those places. I mean, the good thing is most isn't expensive individually but it all adds up.

    I've done a good job not spending much this summer and netting positive considering what I've earned babysitting. Can't wait to be a broke college student!

  4. I'm glad you came to your senses, although I'm sure you would have rocked all of those shades. I am also a sucker for packaging, because good design and typography is so alluring! It's bizarre how much I enjoy browsing through a Sephora store even though I know I won't buy anything since I don't really wear makeup. Those designers and marketers know what they're doing, that's for sure! Props for staying in CONTROL! I'd say it was a SUCCESS. ;)

  5. I'm a eyeliner junkie but well done on controlling yourself and stopping yourself from spending so much money.

    In other news, guess what I'm now playing... ;)

  6. I can understand why you're like that, I do that whenever I go shopping. But well done for controlling your...urges... :) x

  7. Ugh, I'm so bad at not spending money...My thing is handmade prints/posters. That and t-shirts.

  8. Well, you stopped yourself from doing it, so you don't REALLY have a problem after all. But you know what...writing about it is one of the best things you can do about it. Pour your heart into a blog post or 2 about it...and it will be allll better.