Monday, February 7, 2011


So missing school Friday definetly threw me off. I forgot what homework was due and whatnot despite having a planner, but I ended up having all of my bases covered.

In history I made the highest grade in my class for our recent multiple choice test... Before you start congratulating me, know that I made a 78. Yeah. I have both the valedictorian and salutatorian in my class. The entire six weeks we only covered 2 out of the 4 chapters we were being tested over. We also spent two days on the art of the gilded age, which we were not being tested over.

Needless to say, our teacher was given the 3rd degree, but I felt pretty bad for her.

I stayed quiet the entire time that she was being interrogated by the other kids in my class. I couldn't defend her because no one in the class made above a 78, but I wasn't about to make her cry like my peers. When you have kids studying for an entire weekend for a MULTIPLE CHOICE test, you'd think that you'd get some A's and B's, but no...

This isn't the first time that this has happened either. If she would actually teach us a lesson, then maybe our grades wouldn't suffer so badly.

Oh well. At least I made the highest grade in my class....


  1. That's how my AP stats class is... except I'm quite despite not passing and when everyone else goes after him, he just tells them to shut up and pay attention. I'm sorry bro. Those teachers are tough.

    And MAN! The snow we got threw us off a week... It's so bad...

  2. I hate you... JK, I love you, but yeah I felt bad for her too. Then the principal came in and I was like "Oh, no. This ain't good!" But I'll say something in her defense when I sctually pass a test in her class.

  3. This is exactly what my APUSH class is like! Except our teacher literally teaches us absolutely nothing, and I'm not even kidding. Everything on our big multiple choice tests we have to get out of the book ourselves on our own time, which no one has any time for with all of the other work that he assigns us. A 78 would be fantastic on one of his tests. :P

    Le sigh. But, like you said, at least you made highest grade in your class haha! :)