Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Jar of Stars

I'm so close to having 100! And then I'll be the luckiest person alive, and I'll finally meet Anderson Cooper! Or at least that's what I'm hoping will happen. In all actuality I'll probably just find some money in my coat pockets.

So the end of the six weeks is coming up and guess what? MY GRADES SUCK BAD. Well not all of them. I'm doing well in Physics and English(95 ftw!) but spanish, and math are a whole other story....

Spanish will probably be a B, and math most likely a B-. I feel like my math grade should be higher since I'm one of the few students that does their work....?

Oh well. What's a few B's?

Yearbook has been quite stressful because we only have 2 weeks(!) to finish the book and there are SO MANY pages that haven't even been started yet. I've already devised a system for next year when I'm Co-Editor so that we won't miss any deadlines.

At the beginning of the year there will be hamsters (or perhaps goldfish since they're more economical) representing each deadline day. The staff will grow to love and enjoy the company of them, and hopefully want to take one home---- HOWEVER if the staffers miss a deadline a hamster/goldfish will go missing, starting with the class favorite. Then I will tell the staffers that I fed said beloved pet to the snakes that belong to the herpetology club, but not really. I'll probably just take them home.

Yeah, or I might just do a cupcake reward system. Or perhaps a marijuana reward system. I have a feeling that at least one of those incentive options will work.

Then again, I could be a ruthless task master and beat them with my jar of stars whenever I think they're being lazy....


  1. I'm sure your grades will go up in no time!

    So how does your jar of stars work?

  2. Those are so little and cute! :D I'm sure the luck will rub off and your grades will be rockin'. But you're right, B's really are fine. As an overachiever I used to be so mad about them, but right now I'm satisfied with anything above a C+ in pre-calc. :P

    HAHAHA, I love the hamster idea! That is amazing. The cupcake one sounds promising too. Or like you said there's always the option of cruel and unusual punishment...

  3. @Em Story goes that if you make 100 origami stars you'll have good luck... My friend's mom has so many jars filled with stars and she seems pretty lucky :P