Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hotel Art

No offense to those who have art work hanging in their local Holiday Inn, but I feel like hotel art is just that, HOTEL ART. You can't distinguish one from the other, it's pretty bland and forgettable.

Anyways, yesterday I participated in an art competition and it wasn't too bad. I scored well in my division and had state worthy work, but the pieces picked this year to advance onto state were somewhat akin to hotel art...

I don't feel disappointed in myself, but I do feel disappointed in the competition for not picking the more sophisticated pieces there. I felt like other artists (with visible talent) were overshadowed by some Jackson Pollock/Cecil Touchon ripoffs. No really, one piece looked like Ke$ha had peed on a paper.

And I would rant about some crappy stuff that happened to me today, but it all just boils down to one thing: I need to learn how to juggle school and finding a job.

Financial independence is probably the worst/last thing I need right now, but it's so appealing.


  1. I know how you feel. People don't get art anymore. Also have you noticed hotel art seems to be stuck in the 70's/80's vibe. Bleh. I guess if you go to some fancy hotel though you won't get that.

    Money....something that is so close..yet so far. Easy come easy go.

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  3. I've been to a lot of hotels, and every freaking painting is either:

    a) Undistinguishable. You can't tell what the heck it is.

    b) A generic landscape. Usually a field...or a farm...

    c) Boring. Seriously.

    But hey. Maybe that's how hotels want it to be. Who knows?

    (Love your blog :D)

  4. I'm sorry. I dislike when art competitions go like that. Seriously, I feel you.

    Good luck on finding financial independence! :)

  5. Ew. Hotel art. I'm so sorry you had to be a part of that, haha. Hopefully there were a few diamonds in the rough?