Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow day

First off I would like to send a little thanks towards the Artic winds. Without it there would be no snow day for me.

I hate so say it, but I'm sort of glad that all my plans for this weekend are cancelled. It sort of gives me a chance to work on some art that I've needed to work on...

Anyways, here's another picture of my backyard... not exactly COVERED, but there's enough snow to freak out the entirety of East Texas. (btw, did anyone else know that the character Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory was from East Texas?)

Since I took this picture this morning at 6am more snow has fallen. My dog has been thouroughly freaked out, and he spends most of his time pining away by the fireplace, not wanting to go outside. For dinner my family had snow ice cream with apple pies... Personally, I like snow ice cream way better than store bought ice cream which is often at times too sweet for me.

And now, a video of my baby brother making a snow angel!


  1. Haha, dude! They had to emergency evac us from school because there was so much snow and ice on the roads. I'm glad Texas gets snow days too :)

  2. that's PRESH! and your doggie is smart! mine is a lunatic and runs around like she's rabid in the snow. crazy, crazy--like her momma ;-)

  3. Man, I wish that much snow got us out of school... but I do suppose it's a lot for Texas! Good luck getting everything done over the weekend. And oh goodness, your baby brother is quite adorable. :)

  4. haha, where i am we get that much snow on a daily basis, we almost never get a snow day! To get a snow day where i am the snow needs to reach your knees and ice has to cover the road. :) Hope you had a happy snow day though! that is quite a bit for texas. :)