Wednesday, February 9, 2011


With the frustrations of teachers, deadlines, and douchey boys I often find myself daydreaming about meeting the lushest men.
Hmmm... I'd really like to meet some foreign boys.
Yes, I know, the douchebag disease knows no race/gender, but I feel like if I ever met a foreigner that was a jerk his accent would make up for it.

Watching movies like Pride and Prejudice and Amelie only worsen my daydreams.


  1. When I went to Australia, it was INSANE. Everyone sounded so amazing with their accents, and I was just a stupid American. Foreigners always make fun of American accents... we're all either 'valley girl' or 'hick'... which I guess I don't entirely blame them for. I wish I had a British accent, and a charming British boy.

  2. Shoot, now I just really want to see Pride and Prejudice!

    I daydream about meeting a foreign boy with a delightful accent all the time.

    My friend Robert has a slight Australian accent, but is kind of a jerk. And arrogant. I think at one point he might've liked me... *shrug*

    Best of luck to us in finding the perfect foreign boy! Haha. :)

  3. Hehe, you girls and your accents!

    I know a russian boy woh adores American accents. I, honestly, dislike every accent but Russian, Romanian, a handful of African accents, and Scandinavian ones. Those are sexy. There are a few here and there, but, categorically, it's either sexy, cute, or ugly for me. I hate British the most = /

    But I have a very convincing British accent. I use it with people I've just met and I swear to god, they treat you much nicer when they think you're from London = /

  4. Oh foreign boys <3
    The closest I've gotten to that is taking a French class. Agh! Now you have me daydreaming too XD

    Hope you're having a good weekend!