Friday, June 1, 2012

Progress Report

Man. So much has happened since I last posted.

1- I bought my own phone, and I finally have a bill to start paying. It's a pretty shitty non-smart phone, but right now I don't really need anything fancy.

2- I opened my own personal bank account. Most people my age have already had one open for AGES, but up until now I didn't really have the need for one.

3- I manned up and bought myself a pair of Nike's to aid in my running. Gosh. There is a HUGE difference between cheap trainers and those of the more serious brand. Again, I never really had the need for them because prior to this whole Air Force business I've never really been sporty. Running is still a bit difficult for me, but since I run 1.5 miles 6 days a week it has gotten a little easier.  Hopefully by the time I leave for basic training I'll be somewhat in shape.  I'm getting a gym membership soon, so that should help as well. I seriously regret not being sporty during high school. All of this physical activity is kicking my ass.

4- I finally opened my Etsy shop! It took me longer than expected, and not all of my art is uploaded, but I got it up by June, just like I promised. I have been busy literally every single day since school has been out, so I really need to step up my game and finish more art so that I can list it. Anyways, you can visit my Etsy shop here!

Also, I'm finding myself in a bit of a predicament.  I've been meeting with my AF recruiter and we were talking about jobs that I can enter into and he keeps on pushing mechanical jobs. Not that I think I'm above certain jobs or anything, but my highest score in the placement test was administration. Mechanical was one of my lower scores.  I understand that he has a quota to fill and whatnot, but it doesn't really make sense to force me into something that I didn't score so high in.

I don't know.  After this past experience with my parents I know better than to let someone talk me into something that I don't feel 100% about.

This whole "growing up" business is tedious.


  1. As you know, I'm not exactly a Doctor Who or Sherlock fan (but I have a hard time being passionate about any fandom, really, so don't take it personally), yet I really admire your artwork and have now shared the etsy link with a friend of mine who might consider purchasing one.

    Kudos to you for running 1.5 miles six days a week! You're gonna be awesomely fit. I really, really, need to get in shape.

    I'm not sure what to think of the AF recruiter. He may or may not have your best interest at heart, I don't know.

  2. Congratulations on running 1.5 miles a day, 6 days out of the week. Getting in shape is no jokeee. I know :p lol.

  3. Nice tennis shoes are amazingly helpful when it comes to running! Even if you had been sporty, working out just tends to kick your ass in general.

    I wouldn't let the recruiter talk you into the mechanical fields. I highly distrust recruiters, because I don't think most of them are motivated by a concern for the person they're working with.

    Keep on being super-responsible! You amaze me.

  4. Queen Elizabeth was a mechanic for the British Air Force during WWII. I don't know if that's a piece of trivia or helpful information, but I'll put it out there just the same.