Thursday, June 28, 2012

I can keep quiet.

Oh man.

Remember my last post when I talked about my parents lecturing me about not pushing myself enough?

Yes. Well, it hasn't stopped.

And, since I'm stubborn in an obedient type of way I just stay quiet and take it.  In my mind I'm yelling obscenities and screaming about how much I hate everything, but in reality?  I just take it.

I've never been one to argue with my parents, so the only 'resistance' I give them is the occasional defensive edge I get in my tone of voice.

I feel like this is good practice for basic training, when I have a TI yelling in my face telling me how disappointing I am.  I get a healthy dose of that crap right now.


  1. Well it is quite good practice for when you're getting shouted at by the army folks. Still don't push yourself too far.

  2. I tend to silently take a lot of the crap I get from people as well. Maybe it's a common trait amongst bloggers? Because we know we can just vent and complain to an audience that supports us? I dunno, just a thought.

    In any case, sorry you have to deal with that. :/