Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 3/4 Alder with a phoenix core, slightly springy


I MADE MY POTTERMORE WAND! (duh, I'm assuming you guys aren't blind.)

But yeah.  The other day I was on Pinterest (DON'T JUDGE ME) looking at Harry Potter stuff when I found this tutorial. At first I was like, NO WAY. NO FREAKING WAY WANDS ARE THAT EASY TO MAKE.

But lo, and behold, they are!

I was a bit nit-picky with mine and I wanted to get it as exact as possible, all the way down to the measurements.  So yes, my wand is EXACTLY 10 3/4 in. AND since I used bamboo it also happens to be slightly springy! Now, if only I could track down a phoenix feather....

Anyway, for all you Harry Potter die-hards out there, MAKE YO WANDZ. Go forth and fulfill your dreams of being the biggest nerd on the planet. But in all seriousness, I'd love to see how your wands turn out, because I like looking at cool pictures.

For all you folks out there who don't like Harry Potter.... Er, I'm sure there are some Hunger Game crafts out there :P


  1. That is a pretty simple tutorial and well done on making such a good looking one :) Though if you want magic then buy the universal remote control wand.

    I wonder just what Hunger Games crafts there are, not that I really care enough to look or make them mind.

  2. Wow, that tutorial actually looks possible to do, and the results look fantastic! I thought for sure you bought it somewhere and had it made or something. I'm impressed. AND I MUST DO THIS.

  3. This is so fricking awesome, I am now inspired to do it myself!