Thursday, June 14, 2012

Better than expected.


I didn't die during my DEP training!

AND, I wasn't the worst person there!

AND, I ran into an old friend who is also joining the Air Force and we're going to be DEP training buddies!

But in all seriousness, while the workout was rigorous, I was happy that I could at least hold my own in everything. During the work out we had to have a buddy (because air men always stick together) to do our exercises with. It was awesome because all of our exercises (aside from the running) had to be split between the buddies.  Meaning, if you sucked at push-ups (like me) you do as many as you could, have your buddy do the rest, and then make up for it by doing more of what your buddy sucked at.  We went to a local park and had to run a lap (of about a mile), do 100 push-ups, another lap, do 100 sit-ups, another lap, do 100 air squats, and then help encourage everyone that wasn't finished yet.

While people were competitive, at the end of the workout, we all encouraged each other to finish. It was awesome. THANK YOU GUYS for all the support on my last post. It really meant a lot to me. You guys have no idea.

ALSO, in accordance of awesome things that are happening in my life, I added two new items to my Etsy shop!

Just some good ole' Ravenclaw pride in the form of cards. You can check them out here!


  1. Oooh the cards have a nice design :) Good job on the training too. It's interesting they split it between the two people. It helps build rapport and shows that other people are willing to help bear your burden.

  2. Congrats on not dying and having a better time than expected! I always knew you were strong. :)

    Those cards are super cool! I might have to consider getting one to send to someone...hmm.

    Hope everything else is well. <3

  3. Yayyyy. You rock! xD
    I'm glad you have a buddy.

  4. Good luck on continuing your training! You are doing something that I could definitely never do, and for that you have my utmost appreciation.
    Also, those cards are awesome. I love the Ravenclaw one!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that everything went alright after all! That's great that you can have another person there to help you out if need be, and vice versa. I am absolutely terrible at push ups so I would need all the help I could get.

    I LOVE THOSE CARDS SO MUCH! Except the problem is that I wouldn't want to send it to someone... I would just want to selfishly keep it for myself. :)