Saturday, June 30, 2012

Females can be ridiculous.

Aha! So, as promised, a picture of my painting that now hangs in my bathroom, creeping my sister out.  I usually don't paint anything this abstract (I tend to be more portrait oriented), but I've been digging the gold/eye trend that's been floating about.  Also, as I mentioned before, the fact that it creeps my sister out really makes me happy in a demented way.  She gets creeped out by the silliest things.  For example: She goes CRAZY with fear and will run around the house screaming if she hears the Twilight Zone theme song, which is conveniently programmed into my phone.  I can't say much though, because I refuse to watch horror films unless it's daytime.  And even then, I try to avoid them.  I tend to have an overactive imagination.

ANYWAY.  Onto the title of my post, 'Females can be ridiculous'.

Yesterday I went to see Magic Mike.  Yes.  The movie about the male strippers.  I have no shame.

And I can honestly say that I went in with low expectations, thinking that there would be no plot and it would be all about the guys dancing seductively on a stage (don't get me wrong, the movie had plenty of that), however the movie actually had a decent story line, and Channing Tatum was a superb leading actor.

I was a bit disappointed that Matt Bomer, the actor I was most interested in seeing, was only in the movie for perhaps a combined total of 15 minutes, with no major lines.  Ugh.  That guy is too gorgeous to be playing second fiddle to Alex Pettyfer, whose acting lacked the zeal that his cast member's provided.  I mean, come on! With a face like his, WHY WOULD YOU NOT GIVE HIM A BIGGER ROLE?

I literally spent 5 minutes deciding on the perfect picture set of him to use, because  all of them are perfect.
 Then again, I think the majority of my disappointment towards the Matt Bomer situation can be chalked up to the trailers, which falsely lead me to conclude that he would have a role equal to that of the other actors.  Oh well.  He was still extremely sexy during all of his scenes.

Actual movie aside, I can say that my experience seeing Magic Mike was definitely different.  Instead of seeing it the day it came out, knowing that the theaters would be packed, my stepmom and I decided to wait until the day after.  We had cleared our schedules and decided on the 2:04 showing. When we got to the theater it was PACKED with women between the ages of 40-60 EVERYWHERE.  When we finally made it up to the ticket counters we read signs saying that Magic Mike had sold out for the 2:04 viewing and that the 4:40 tickets were going fast.  I deftly maneuvered my way to the front of the line and bought our tickets before they were sold out.

After going home for a short while we returned to the theater around 4:14, thinking that we were arriving early, BUT NO.  There was a roped off line, that was eventually the length of the entire half of the theater, of excited, middle to late aged women waiting.  Waiting to get a good seat, waiting to have their fantasies fulfilled, waiting to objectify gorgeous men, waiting to do who knows what.  It was ridiculous.  And it involved a lot of disturbing giggling from sexually frustrated grandmas.

The theater in my town wasn't even this packed for any of the Harry Potter films.

I nearly drowned in all the estrogen.  And the condensed mixture of perfume and desperation.

Among the throng of women were a few disgruntled husbands/boyfriends, but within the first five minutes they didn't stay disappointed for too long due to Olivia Munn's breasts being exposed while she exchanged witty banter with a nude Channing Tatum.  Of all the nudity in the film, I'd have to say 25% of it was female, and the rest of it male.  I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone who is uptight about nudity and sexual themes (obviously because that's what a vast majority of the film consists of), but I do think it warrants a recommendation for those who are actually curious about the male dance industry and the pitfalls within it.  As cliche as it sounds, there was a genuine 'stripper with a heart of gold' theme interlaced throughout the film, and as soon as the credits started rolling I wished I could have continued viewing the different paths that the characters took.

Whenever I get upset that there wasn't more to a movie I take it as a sign that the writers did their job in getting me engaged and invested in the characters that they created.

Wait, did I just somewhat write a review about Magic Mike?  Huh.  It appears so. Well, I guess all I have to add to this review is a recommendation to give it a chance.  I know that I'll be seeing it in the foreseeable future again (if I can talk any of my friends into seeing it with me), and if anyone accuses me of being a wanton objectifier of men?

Pffft.  Chill out.  If guys can have stashes of porn magazines, don't judge me for having my Turtles board.

p.s. My grandma freaked when she found out that I was going to see Magic Mike with my stepmom, but suggested to my stepmom that she accompany the movie with 'the talk' beforehand, in order to properly prepare my young, innocent mind. LOLZ.  My grandma has no idea that the internet has evolved beyond AOL.


  1. That painting is awesome! Though I guess I can see why your sister finds it creepy. She's younger, right? I mean, I assume someone 19, 20 would not be so perturbed by painted eyes in an abstract painting, but I've been wrong before.

    Yeah, I'm not sure I would want to see Magic Mike. In part it's because I know the exact girls who I'd likely run into the theater who are viewing it for the third, maybe fourth time, and the judgments they would pass on me. You see, I think a lot of people think I'm uptight, but I really don't find nudity that big of a deal, unless it's gratuitous. But the same goes for violence. (And yet I stomached Breaking Bad somehow.) I also just don't care to see a movie about male strippers. It was really awkward to read a status update from my ninth grade biology teacher that was something to the tune of "teenagers move out of the way. Channing is ours." I quietly chuckled, though.

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked Turtles...but then was pleasantly surprised! haha I saw a picture of Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams. DOES THAT MEAN YOU WATCH SUITS, TOO!?

    RE: I think I'm starting Downton Abbey tomorrow, er, today. We'll see if I accomplish every thing else on my to-do list.

  2. I wonder if they realised how much of a plot or story they had. I'd say it depends on how much nudity there is, but that wouldn't be very fair. I'm not that surprised there were so many women there, I saw crowds like that outside Twilight. I love the picture, and I can see why it's creepy. Especially in a bathroom. My bathroom wall has markings on it that look like faces and they creep me out.

  3. I love that picture! I want one! And yes, I like your Turtles board ;) x

  4. I love what you did to your blog!!! :D
    And I like your eyesss. lol. Though, I think I agree with your sister.. I find eyes so creepy! Dude, seriously on dolls and everything.


  6. Love the new blog layout! As you may have noticed I've been fiddling around with mine lately and have not been satisfied, and am still not. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

    Hey, I think that painting's pretty cool. I can see where the creepy vibes may be coming from, but I think that makes it better somehow?

    I really have no interest in seeing Magic Mike because I don't really like any of those actors, but if it was Matt Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch or someone I'd be ALL over that shamelessly, haha. But holy cow, that's crazy that the theaters were that insanely packed. I guess with the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon all of the older women are feeling super sexually frustrated lately....