Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Compilation of things in the form of bullets

  • In art I'm working on an oil piece that is supposed to be inspired by Renoir, but it's more of a Mary Cassat meets some random quasi impressionist. Everyone tells me that my piece is sososososoooo very awesome and honestly I think I've found my calling: Absorbing compliments. I like it when people like my art.
  • If you have not read the book Pygmy by the same guy who wrote Fight Club, YOU SHOULD.
  • I'm going to a Lord of The Rings party dresses as a Keebler elf. Yes, I'm bringing cookies.
  • I'm seriously considering selling things on Etsy.
  • For some odd reason I've been obsesses with Ginger Rogers movies and the Boondock Saints. Despite the fact that they are polar opposites, I'm like a crack junkie who can only get a fix through those movies.
  • According to a girl in my maths class there is only 37 days until summer!!!!! Can't wait to go to Vegas!!


  1. Oh my gosh hahaha, the Keebler elf thing is hilarious :D I want to go to a Lord of the Rings party! And eeeek, yay for summer slowly but surely approaching!