Friday, April 9, 2010

No direction, being pulled in many ways

As my high school career starts to narrow down I've started to plan for the next steps. Tests I need to take, applications, some last minute transcript fluff.

I've already started coming up with ideas for my AP Art Concentration, and right now I'm pretty dead set on "Do what you like."

This theme is pretty open, but I really hope to focus on the more quirky things. I'm hoping that I can round up some friends to be the subjects in my art. So far I've gotten only one confirmation on a participant :)

I'd love to do pictures of people:
Eating some type of food
Brushing their teeth

However, ultimately it's up to the people who volunteer for it. Maybe towards the end of the summer I'll make a big note on facebook and tag people that I'd like to paint or something...

Oh yeah, I also was recruited to be a something something national high school scholar.... Supposedly prestigious, all I know is the kids in my school who got into ivies are members....

Ah, another thing to add to my transcript!


  1. Gooo you! I like how you're gonna do pictures of people doing everyday things, it's like minamilism which I love. And good for you for the recruition! I gotta start preparing for Uni too.

  2. The photos of people doing random things sounds like an interesting idea to me. Of people eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or combing their hair, or texting, or something every day like that... it definitely could be great :D And congrats on being prestigious-ly recruited, hehe!

  3. I Love your blog. Great post.