Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The excitement before the end

I love the rush of things that happen around the end of a school year.

Last minute trips, rewards for hardwork, getaways with friends before separating because of vacation...!

Yesterday I volunteered to help out at the 5th grade field day, which to be honest I mainly did so I could have a legit reason to not come to school... BUT I was still helping the community, so it wasn't like I was some degenerate ragmuffin or anything...

While volunteering there was a lot of free time, and since it was held on our football field with all not-so-natural turf, I laid out and baked in the sun.

No worries, I wore SPF 50, but I still got really brown. Like, I thought I was brown before, but now? I am slowly turning into the gingerbread man. But not a man.

I was wearing my tennis shoes, so I got this horrible runner's tan, which prompted me to go out today and buy a pair of sandals. I have this pair, except in brown. Now I can have a totally rad set of tan lines on my feet!

They are boss, beast, and every other awesome B word in between. Best $25 I've ever spent in my entire existence as a teenage girl.

Right now I'm still excited. Counting weekends there are only 24 days of school left as of today, and Saturday I get to go to Six Flags!

Still looking for legit ways to not go to school, but until then I'll be filling my days with other forms of excitement.


  1. I'm highly envious of right now.. i have about 49 days of l'ecole left and on top of all the gloriousness, i've opted to take summer school so, i can get ahead of my fellow peers... grrr.

    by the way, those glads are darlings!!