Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things about this week

  • The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skill (TAKS) testing week just happens to be going on during Epic April's Star Wars Week on G4, so I'm conflicted internally on whether I should rejoice, or cry at my bad luck. I'm pretty sure I aced my tests though!
  • There's this girl in my Spanish 2 class who is CONSTANTLY complimenting me on how I look. For Example: "You're very pretty!" "You look nice today!" "You're outfit looks good on you!" and each time I just say "Er, thanks" awkwardly.
  • I have finally admitted out loud how paranoid I am of people hating me. Not that it hurts my feelings, I'm just afraid of someone strangling me (desperate housewives style) because of my personality quirks and constant need to be witty at the expense of others. Irrational fear of death? Probably.
  • This guy that I used to have a mondo crush on is going out with someone :/ I came to terms with the fact that I could never go out with him because of Red, a mutual friend would totally cock block me. Even though I have accepted this fact, I still feel crummy inside whenever I see this stupid FB notification reminding me that HEY, this really awesome guy is dating this other girl, and you can't do anything about it.
  • It is totally not cool that it is more socially acceptable for guys to be sluts than it is for girls.
  • Referring to the bullet above the previous bullet, my friend Andria gave me great advice: Just because they have a goalie(is that how you spell it?) doesn't mean you can't score.
  • Also, when trying to convey the significance in height difference between 6'1 and 5'8 my friend Andria said: "That's 5 whole inches!!! That's like.... a really small penis!"


  1. D; Oh no!
    Stupid TAKS! Lol I'm glad you're confident of your test-taking skills though <3

    LOL That girl digs you xD

    Stab the girlfriend AND Red ;)

    And yeah, that whole "When Guys are players it's cool and players get props, but when Girls do it they're whores and whores are... well.. whores!" pisses me off to no end = /

    LMAO Andria sounds amazing!!

  2. And yeah, my dad's an ass = / I've come to terms with it. But it still hurts when your dad calls you a greedy fatty xPPP

  3. Is the Spanish girl one of those kinds of girls that only gives other people compliments in order to receive them in return? :P

    Stupid guy with the other girl, I'm sorry :/ And yeah, it's dumb that guys can get away with being such manwhores... le sigh.