Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm well... trying not to fail at life.

Research papers are the work of the devil.

Or whatever deity you deem evil.

My English teacher, being the awesome person that they are decided to make us write our papers IN CLASS.

She had a check list and literally checked every student's paper before they could take it home to type it up. Of course, I had regional debate competition this weekend so I only had one day this weekend to type, edit, and cite sources. BALLS.

My paper is now finished, and is meticulously being picked at, reformatted, and edited.

Debate wise, I didn't advance to state, but I'm not too upset about it. I still have two more years of competition, and I'm lucky to have made it this far as a second year debater.

I loved my rounds; each one was so informative, and for some reason the guys there were 10x cuter than the guys at invitational competition. I was even hit on, during mid round by some random guy who's first language was probably not english.

I had to keep a straight face whenever he would say things like:

"....protecting the mother nature, and the so on and so forth..."

He also told me that I looked really good in my heels.... Flattery aside, I still won that round.

In other news, I still think I'm the snarky, busy person I was two weeks ago. I forgot to mention that in January I started hanging out with this guy who just happens to be Turkish, and a boxer.

Ok, I'm lying, I didn't forget, I just didn't want to write about him without him knowing that he was being talked about on the internet. You don't do that to awesome people.

Lets see....what else? If you're not friends with me on facebook you're missing out on the pure gold that is my profile picture.
I was eating animal crackers for lunch when I noticed that two of my crackers were fused together.... in the back end love position. Yes, that is a sheep humping a hippo, and even though these creatures aren't naturally found together in nature I can't help thinking that the universe is trying to send me a message: Unite these creatures at whatever cost!

Or perhaps I've been watching too much Dr. Who and Nat. Geo.


  1. Research papers = death! Woohoo for winning your rounds in debate though, even if you didn't get to state, good job!

    Amazing profile picture :D

    Animal crackers getting it on? BOM CHICKA WOW WOW! A hippo-sheep would be an interesting combo indeed...

  2. Some sheepxhippo lovin' ;) LOL