Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My voice!

I know this happens every year around spring time, but I still can't get over losing my voice.

It sucks.

I don't think I appreciate my normal voice on a day to day basis enough. Going an entire day not being able to say what I want is torture!

After only one day I've already developed an inner monologue and a hate for texan accents. ONE DAY!

Just imagine my hate for the world if I lost my voice for an entire week! All conservative republicans: Please stay in your war bunkers. I will go Nuclear.

But I'm being a drama queen. My voice will most likely come back in a day or two once my sinuses clear up. TMI, but I can feel the mucus cleaning out of my nasal and throat passage ways. If you're grossed out, I warned you. TMI.

I just hope my voice is back in time before I have to take my driving test Friday.... Parallel parking is the work of the devil, and I plan on informing my driving instructor of this, preferably in a non raspy "I've been smoking for a billion years" voice.