Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I dream of Ben Stein and relationships

I had this dream the other night that sort of took me by surprise.

It was Ben Stein, a popular economist, going over Relationship Economics with me.

It was surreal.

There were charts, numbers, graphs, and what-not out the wazoo!

I remember one distinct part of the dream when he was speaking:

".... now let us examine your prime love interest. According to the statistics you're doing quite well. Your chinese zodiac sign is the rooster, and your prime love interest's sign is the snake. This area of compatibility is quite high, however he is also a Cancer whereas you are a Sagittarius. This is bound to cause trouble, therefore I would advise you to look at this chart here. See, it says that your highest match would be with someone who was born in the year of the snake and is also a Libra. Yes. Good match."

I still have no idea why Ben Stein was giving me relationship advice in my dream, but I was so curious that I looked up the best compatibility for Rooster/Sagittarius and guess what? It was Snake/Libra. Go figure.

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  1. Ah, Ben Stein is the guy with that voice! Haha, that's how I know who he is... But he sounds like he definitely knows his Chinese zodiac-related stuff, haha! That is quite an odd dream indeed.