Friday, March 5, 2010

I need a sugardaddy

Letterman here I come!

I just realized that because of all the "elite" high school activities I'm in my parents are going to be broke soon after we buy all of my high school memorabilia.

No kidding.

Letterman : almost $200
Class ring for next year: $90 - $150
Class shirts, hoodies, pictures: $300- $500
Class activities, prom, graduation fees, etc.: around $3,000

Holy baby Jesus. My parents are not made of money, and Sonic unfortunately only pays $4.00 and hour to 16 year olds.

I've applied to 3 jobs so far with no luck. In my town there are currently about 45 managerial positions open, however no one in their right mind is going to hire a teenager to be a manager of anything. Also, job wise, there are only 7 jobs that I am actually eligible for.

I applied to be a flower arranger at Michaels..... aaaaand they laughed and told me that they're looking for people with "experience".

HELLO. Paging common-sense. How am I to ever gain experience if no one will hire me? Sadly, Toys R Us is only looking to hire bike assemblers, and I'm afraid that if I took that job there would be an influx of kids with broken limbs.

Hot Topic finally got a permanent set of employees... all over the age of 21! Maybe now I'll get decent customer service in there. My friend Ashley promised to sneak me an application for ULTA, but until then I will remain on the hunt.

I feel guilty for having to make my parents carry the full weight of my high school fees. I'm not an only child, in fact, I'm the first of four.

Oh well. I'm going to stay on the job hunt. Maybe JC Penny is hiring?

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  1. Oh goodness, those expenses really do add up, don't they :/ And you're right, I get that they're a bit wary of hiring random teenagers, but really, how else can you gain experience? I hope you can find a job that works out soon!