Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I spy

I spy with my little eye someone who hasn't blogged in a while!

Due to the stress from my crappy Chemistry grade (it's a classwide epidemic for anyone who has this teacher) and Julius Caesar, the Grapes of Wrath, and many other things I've just been unable to write.

I'll log onto facebook, pull out homework to start working and forget that I'm online. People think I'm ignoring them when I'm not. Ok, I'm ignoring most of them, but ssshhh don't tell them.

Also debate district competition is coming up and right now I feel like the Johnny Weir of debate. I caught on fast, but due to lack of competition and practice (gee thanks coach!) I haven't debated in about a month so I'm not exactly an underdog, but I am at a disadvantage.

My rivals are well practiced and have a feel of all the different arguments and strategies that are going to be used, whereas I'm just going in blind hoping that what I have prepared will be good enough to get me by. Right now I'll just do what I can to prepare.

aaaaand I just checked facebook and lost my train of thought.

Oh well I'll get back to it later.


  1. Oh, chemistry was evil. I'm so glad that's over with :P And Facebook is just the end to all homework related things on the computer. As soon as I get on Facebook, that's past the point of no return! Good luck with debate-ness O: