Friday, October 2, 2009

Caring Enough

Today was my final day of Drivers Ed!

Yes. In six months I will be part of the great and vast group of driving teenagers. Part of me is relieved, and the other part is scared.

I base my beliefs off of facts and statistics, and there are very few things that aren't tangible that I believe in. So driving of course, with all those high accident rates and such is a bit scary for me, especially since I know what it feels like to be in a major accident.

Anyways, I'm falling from my main point, since it was the last day of DE we had to take an exit test, which I passed with a 100-90. Since the class itself is at the crack of dawn, most of us come in there half awake, hungry, and very grouchy.

I had a good laugh today when MRoS missed a few questions on her test. She usually makes better grades than me, because, I'll be honest, she cares and studies more than I do.

However today, due to lack of sleep she ended up missing a few questions which I guess made her a bit unhappy. At first I thought, Hey, why get to worked up? You passed.

And then I realized to people like her, missing a few questions and making below average doesn't happen often. It's weird. I'm so used to just being passive, not studying for things, only caring if I passed or not.

I never really cared if I made an 'A', just as long as it's passing, I'm good. I know if I actually studied I could make better grades, but I feel like I have better things to use my time for. I don't want to spend an hour studying when I could be working on a new art piece, or talking with an old friend.

I do however know that I need to start caring more. In college there aren't teachers there to hold your hands and remind you to turn in your homework. You either do it, or flunk out.

Something to work on.

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