Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harshing the Mello

(like my green top and glow bracelet?)
First off, let me say how enormously stupid it is to pay to go to a dance, and then not even dance. Not even a little.

Now, I like dancing, I could do it all day, but I don't like dancing if no one else is dancing, especially in public because then I just look like a major a--hole.

The Club had a fall dance, and the theme was 60s/70s, and only a handful of people dressed to fit the occasion, the rest were just in contemporary tye dye and jeans... And to think I went all out with my earth-mother top and hair string....

Yeah. Needless to say I danced till I was too tired to move. I wish cooler people were there, and by cooler I mean people that aren't afraid to dance.

The only thing that was gross was all of the quasi lesbo grinding. I'm sorry, but if you want to go and do that, go to a lesbo club, and not a dance. Especially a dance sponsored by The Club.

The dance was fun, but as said above, I was TIRED. I went home, ate some baked potato and green beans, then CRASHED.

Then I had to wake up at 10:20 to leave for the Christmas Corner, which I had to volunteer for.

Volunteering there was fun, I got to make bracelets and stuff.

I have a pile of homework that needs to be tended to, but right now I just think I'm going to chill.


  1. There aren't too many people that go to dances but don't dance here, but that does sound pretty annoying. Even though I can't dance to save my life, I do anyway. Extreme grinding, however, is pretty prevalent at my school, but I just try to ignore it I guess :P Oh, and for the St. Patrick's dance, my friends and I were the only ones that dressed up! Lameee.

  2. I always get really into dance themes... I think people go and don't dance just because it's more interesting than sitting at home, I guess. There are also a lot of people who come to my dances and don't dance unless if it's grinding. Sigh. Even though I grind, I dance too. Glow bracelets ftw! Have a good week.

  3. i'm guilty for being a mild grinder, but actually dancing is a lot more fun! and so are themes! but some folks don't take it upon themselves to bring some fun with them.

  4. I always tend to be the first one on the dance floor. Something about music and movement that won't let me stay put while the beat is on.