Friday, October 16, 2009


PSAT sucks just so you know. When I take the SAT next year I'm going to bring a calculator. Bad mistake on my part for not having a calculator, I'm pretty sure I aced the reading/critical writing part though.

Yesterday I was approached by my World History teacher, and she asked me if I was Buddhist. I think I've just been recruited into doing a presentation about Buddhism. Great. Like I wasn't missing enough class time already.

I hate homework, and I hate having so much of it. I have almost ZERO time to do anything. On the bright side, I have a Debate tourney next weekend!!!

YES. Finally. Time to kill the intelligent ideas of my peers and then add them on Facebook!

Oh how I missed competing in Debate!


  1. Yeah, the reading and writing part was pretty easy, but I guess they always are for the most part luckily! Math was okay with a calculator I suppose, but I didn't have enough time to check everything over :P

    Stupid school sucks so much time and energy out of life... at least it's the weekend though!

  2. I think I did alright on all of it, probably better on the math that the English parts though (as I've said before I'm a math person.) Yay for debate!

  3. i remember my PSAT. definitely was glued to my calculator during parts of it. but it was worth it and i didn't have to pay for two years of my undergrad. bring your calculator next time lady! i'm sure that you did well considering. and being busy with homework is my life story right now too. UNFORTUNATELY.