Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forming ideas

I hate that so many people now a days think that they can get away with not thinking critically.

When coming up for attacks for my cases in Debate or whatnot I like to bounce ideas off of people. Now, bouncing ideas is a critical skill that is needed in most competitive networks and it's so sad that so many kids my age can't even do a simple rebuttal.

When I say something, I expect someone to find a flaw in my arguments instead of telling me, "I don't know," or "That sounds good."

GOOD?! Hello, good isn't going to get me past regional competition, and most definitely not to state.

It sucks for me because it's basically only me and Miranda who can bounce ideas and come up with stuff, and after a while it gets to the point where even we get tired and run out of ideas. We need fresh minds!

I don't know. I'm going to need to start recruting for debate. Or at least find smarter more argumentative students.

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  1. hello? why haven't you come to me? I would love to help!