Friday, September 14, 2012

Three things

1. It's been a bit rainy lately, so my dog has started taking marathon naps on the couch.  This would be okay if she didn't mess up all the blankets and lay on top of them so that no one else can use them.  And then when we try to get a blanket out from under her she'll growl, get up, and then sit on top of us.  Ah, well, at least she's warm.

2. I've been drinking a lot of hot tea.  Especially peppermint or green tea.  Yummy!

3. I started painting!  It's only the first of many layers, but yes.  This is how I start the process.  Really messy.


  1. My ferrets used to do that. Open up drawers and go to sleep under a pile of socks or dig into a sweater.

    Somedays it was hard to tell if they had gone missing or decided to take a nap somewhere obscure. ._.

  2. It's messy but I'm pretty sure it's going to end up good. I could never get past the messy stage and it still amazes me that several messy layers could form one brilliant picture. I've learned that whenever my cat is sleeping on something, it's best to just admit it's a lost cause, and find an alternative if you can't tempt them off, so they think they've made the choice to get off.

  3. Mmmmm green tea :) Your dog is so cute!! Your painting may be messy but it's a million times better than one I could do! ;) x