Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here's a better quality picture of the sketch I'm working on for my painting:

Taken in my backyard, hence the tree shadow...
I put in more line work and erased a lot of the smudgy pencil marks, and I think later today I'll sketch in some details for the planets...

Here's some of the knitted stuff I've been doing as well:

The one above still needs a wee bit more work before it's finished.  I ran out of yarn (again) so I need to go to the store soon before I can do anything with it.  But I love the color! I can't wait to wear it with one of my navy dresses.

And, another chain scarf!  I stitched the ends together so it's sort of an infinity-type scarf and it layers really well.  It's similar to the one that I currently have for sale in my Etsy shop, just longer.

So aside from working out and doing family stuff, this is what I occupy my time with.  Crafty stuff.  Gosh.  I need to get out more.


  1. I don't think you need to get out more at all. Except perhaps to a yarn shop. I feel really bad that I can't make out who is sat in the TARDIS, unless it's not someone from the show. I just can't remember anyone who wears glasses. Tenant did occasionally, but that's it I think.

    1. Meh, it's just some random character wrapped in a blanket.

  2. I agree with Mark. Don't go out more. Stay at home with the yarn, and the crafty crafts, and the sketchy sketches.

  3. I wish I could knit. I tried and failed. Miserably. But yes, it is a lovely colour and I can't wait to see the finished drawing! :) x