Thursday, July 5, 2012


Because this post needed a picture, and I like being creepy.
  1. To everyone that isn't blind and noticed my re-design, THANKS!  I meant to do a post on it, but alas, I sort of forgot.  Then again, whenever I change something (haircut, glasses, etc.) I usually forget to warn people ahead of time, so when they're all like: "Hey, cute haircut!" I'm all like: "WTF you talkin' about? I didn't get a hair--- Oh. Right. Thanks."  Anyway, I was inspired by my fellow Blogger Family  member Maggie who recently underwent a re-design as well.  Can you believe that the font she's using for her bio is her own handwriting?  NO ONE'S HANDWRITING IS THAT AWESOME.  Anyways, I got tired of the weird pastel thing I had going on and decided to take a few design cues from GQ, Urban Outfitters, and Nylon. 
  2. If you haven't seen this video yet, you should.  With all the hateful people out on the internet, someone needs to step forward and call them out on their BS. 
  3. I am a lover of infographics, and I found this one particularly interesting.  I'm glad I picked yellow as the accent color for my blog re-design.
  4. I'm trying to get more into yoga.  Aside from a few basic poses for relaxation, I don't know that many, and I get distracted when I turn to youtube for help.  Does anyone have any specific recommendations as to where I should start?
  5. With all this Obamacare hullabaloo I have reached an impasse with myself.  Although I've stated this probably a billion times, I live in Texas. The state that is constantly threatening to secede, but too damn lazy to do anything about it; the state that bleeds red, despite having a very blue and liberal heart. Texas.  Because of my geographical location a lot of my friends happen to be very conservative, which is ok, BUT there is only so much Obama bashing I can take.  I mean, threatening to move to Mexico because of a healthcare bill? Really?  Yeah.  Have fun getting decent medical care in a developing country where a lot of health and safety laws are nonexistent/ignored unless you pay mucho dinero for it.  I can only receive so many anti-Obama rally invitations before I start to question my friendships with the vast amount of people I deem "facebook-worthy acquaintances."  I mean,  what should I do?  Despite this singular issue, I genuinely like these people.  We grew up together, we have family in common, we often bump into each other around town, etc.  I just wish everyone would just shut up and be happy and drink a cool beverage.
  6. I have recently developed an obsession with NCIS.  Forrealz, guys.  It's pretty bad, especially since USA has marathons that I DVR and watch while doing leg lifts and bicycle crunches.  Oh man.  Abby is my hero.


  1. AH! I love the redesign! It looks so good!

    Also, you are too kind. I just kind of OCD, so my handwriting always had to be just so, even when I was little. As for my header, I guess I'm just good at free-handing fonts.

    I feel like I don't know enough about politics outside of the issues I'm passionate about to say whether or not I like Obama. But I really don't see that he is doing anything wrong! When I ask others why they don't like Obama, they're never able to give an adequate answer. And when I'm like, "But Romney and all of the other Republican candidates are SUCH douche bags," they just say, "But we have to get Obama out! He is ruining our country!" And I'm like, "But HOW is he?" and they can never answer.

    *sigh* Texas.

  2. OMG! You're obsessed with NCIS too? I have all the season on DVD! WE SHOULD HAVE A PARTY!!! I'm not kidding.

    Also, I really want to kiss Tony's face.

    :) LLAP Dear,

  3. That video was awesome. Rebecca is AWESOME.

  4. I love the infographic, I knew some things about colours but not all of them. What's worse than the people who say they're going to go move to Mexico (I didn't know people said that) are the ones going to move to Canada. CANADA HAS SOCIAL HEALTHCARE. I actually did a huge rant about this on my blog today. I don't like plugging anything, but eh, I did.

  5. Loving the new design. Also, agreed about the 'move to Canada or Mexico mentality'- it's ridiculous.