Friday, July 20, 2012


Ay, guys.

My friend Aria is having a writing contest type thing, and if you're competitive/into writing/like winning giftcards you should definitely check it out!

Here are the rules, just in case you're interested:

1) Everything must be completely original.
2) Each short story must fall within the theme/genre/prompt given at the beginning of each round.
3) Stories will be due for each round on the following Friday by midnight CENTRAL USA time.
4) Stories wil be posted on a seperate page on Saturday.
5) Theme/genre/prompts will be supplied by an outside person not in the competition 
6) The winning stories for each round will be choosen by whichever story recieves the most votes in a Duel, MEANING two stories will be displayed going head to head and simply whichever gets more votes moves on.

This is how a Duel will look:

Authors: Toby vs. Jenna

Stories not posted in specific order

Story One Title: The Blah in Blah

{insert story here}

Story Two Title: The Blah-ness

{insert story here}

Voting is now open!!


Both authors names will be displayed above the two stories, but there will be no clarification of which story belongs to who. Just because Toby's name came first doesn't mean his story was the first one and vice versa. 

7) The winning story/author will be announced on Sunday along with the new theme/genre/prompt for that week's round.
8) Everyone will get to write at least two stories.
9) In response to a comment: Short stories must be entered. Stand alone little scenes. Nothing more than 1000 words. 
10) They must tie into whatever theme (Ex. World Hunger, Racism, Forgotten Love), genre (Ex. Horror, Romance, Sci-fi), or prompt (Ex. Write about a girl who talks to fairies...) is given at the beginning. 
11) In response to a comment: You can enter previously written stories if they fit that week's TGP and it's less than 1000 words.
12) The 1st place winner gets a $20 giftcard to either Starbucks or Barnes and Noble while 2nd place will recieve a $10 giftcard!!!!

 SOOOOO... If you're interested, check out her blog and sign up! :)


  1. That does sound pretty interesting, and should produce some nice stories :)

  2. I entered, so have no doubt that your plug worked to some degree :)