Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good day.

Despite being sleep deprived this morning I bucked up. I had a cup of coffee in my awesome camera mug and put on a cute dress and cardigan to celebrate the warm Texas weather.

My friend Rebekka and I have started having Best Friend Wednesdays in which we study/gossip/read a myriad of magazines at our local bookstore, so I did that.

I got a lot of compliments from my friends which I received awkwardly, and the coffee guy at BooksAMillion randomly gave me his employee discount (I'm guessing because I'm awesome) :P I have started a tradition of ordering whatever the coffee of the day is, and I guess that makes me 'exciting'. Also, I brought my Canon lens cup so that I could be all eco-friendly and whatnot.

Needless to say, he's on my cool list.

I then proceeded to attempt to study. But I actually ended up finding pictures of guys that I think are awesome.
Andrew Bird!

Seth Meyers!

And then this one guy came up and I think (?) he was trying to pick up my friend and I by using our horoscopes... yeah. He pestered us for a little bit, but we sort of just gave him minimal responses until he went away. He was a bit creepy... BUT that's ok. He was harmless.

So yeah. I'm hoping tomorrow goes well. I'm going to put on my happy face and trudge on! Spring Break starts March 12th for me, and I. AM. PUMPED.


  1. WHAA how is your spring break so EARLY? Mine isn't until April! Psh, you Texas people... haha. Best Friend Wednesdays in the bookstore sound like fun. :) Just watch out for the creepers.

  2. A compliment can pick up anyone really. Discounted coffee is just the icing on the cake. Or the cream on the espresso.

  3. My version of Spring Break already ended and I'm dead tired again.

    I'd love a second week off...