Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All you need is...

This is my life. Just kidding, I actually have a life, unlike Jason. Just kidding. Jason has a life. That consists of Math/Science team and whatever else he likes to do when he talks to himself.

Bahaha I love my AP Environmental Science Facebook group!


  1. I wish my Minecraft Facebook group was this lively. :P

  2. My choir's Facebook group is like this. But with more musical theater references.

    Would you be ridiculously creeped out if I friend requested you on Facebook?

  3. I love spamming facebook comments. It's one of many ways I get my kicks. Specially love doing it to someone who wants attention and I just come along and derail the whole thing by posting something completely out of left field like "I just had pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious."

    Wins every time.

  4. That is pretty winning there.

  5. I love commenting on posts and completely ignoring the main point, and instead focusing on one tiny detail. It tends to amuse me, although I have no idea if other folks like it quite as much.

  6. LOVE witty banter in FB groups. Always so silly, :).